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Wireless mesh networks are an emerging technology right now. The use of mesh wireless networks may bring the dream of a seamlessly connected world into reality. Previously, it was thought to be near impossible to easily, effectively and wirelessly connect entire homes with inexpensive wifi technology. Wireless Mesh Networks allow homeowners to achieve these goals.

How Does a Wireless Mesh Network Work?

While traditional networks rely on a small number of wired access points or wireless hotspots to connect users, a wireless mesh network spreads a network connection among dozens or even hundreds of wireless mesh nodes that "talk" to each other, sharing the network connection across a large area. Some think of the internet as being the world's largest mesh network. When using the internet, information travels by being bounced automatically from one router to the next until it reaches its destination. The internet has billions of potential paths across which data can travel.


3 Key Benefits of a Wireless Mesh Network

1) Less Expensive than Traditional Networks

Using fewer wires means it costs less to set up the wireless mesh network. The wireless mesh network is used particularly for large areas of coverage. Using wireless mesh networks eliminate the cost and complexity of installing fiber / wires in every room, and putting access points on your ceiling.


2) Wireless Mesh is extremely adaptable and expandable

As more or less coverage is needed, wireless mesh nodes can be added or removed. Wireless Mesh is very useful for areas where there is lack of sight or where network configurations are intermittently blocked. An example of an area as this would be an basement where floors may occasionally block the signal from the wireless access point. With wireless mesh, adding more wireless mesh nodes will adjust to find a clear signal. Wireless Mesh is also extremely convenient where wall connections may be lacking, such as in outdoor environment, guest houses ,or even those tough to reach places in all of our homes.


3) Wireless Mesh Networks Support High Demand

Streaming 4k Video and IP surveillance cameras demands wireless connectivity that supports coverage of large areas without buffering.  Whether it is using an iPad or a Roku streaming player, mesh will allow for your network to adjust appropriately while maintaining a consistent experience for each user. Many of todays users are in high demand of HD video or requesting to pull content from different site. Wireless Mesh Networks are ideal to deliver high throughput and highly reliable wireless connectivity.

Wireless Mesh Networks deliver both indoor and outdoor connectivity. Wireless Mesh is an instant, complete solution for covering large areas without sacrificing quality of the wireless network. Wireless Mesh Networks are a reliable source of wireless connectivity for a variety of large homes, garages, patios, and home offices.

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